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Since we launched, Safer has received many encouraging endorsements from across the Australian Church.

Sarah and Keith Condie

Co-Directors, Mental Health & Pastoral Care Institute, Anglican Deaconess Ministries

“There has never been a more urgent need for resources such as Safer. Through Safer, Common Grace has taken a vital step in equipping churches, church leaders and all Christians to better understand domestic and family violence, and to respond appropriately. It provides a wealth of essential information, addresses key issues and questions, and offers links to a wide range of further resource material. We believe that Safer will be an instrument for change in our churches, promoting a culture where women feel safe in their relationships and where those who cry out for help will be heard and supported.”

Julia Baird

Journalist and Author, ABC Journalist

“Safer may yet peel away the scales from the eyes of those who do not yet understand or recognise domestic abuse, and is a powerful resource for churches who wish to make their parishes a place of refuge and safety for women who have suffered silently in their midst.”

Rob Buckingham

Senior Minister, Bayside Church, Melbourne

“It has been so good to see the spotlight shone on the travesty of domestic violence in recent times in Australia. The church has sometimes been slow to respond to current issues and has, sadly, sometimes created a culture (through a poor understanding of Scripture and a prevalence of patriarchal leadership) where domestic violence can thrive and the abused made to feel like second-class citizens. In the light of this, I am thrilled to see such a comprehensive, practical and helpful resource produced by Common Grace. I endorse it and will recommend it to our pastoral team and leaders at Bayside church.”

Alison Beckett

Founder & CEO, Seed

“Awareness of domestic and family violence has been increasing in the church over the last few years. Now, with Safer, churches have what they need to turn awareness into action, and action into real change. God continue to challenge and guide all of us as we respond to violence in our families and homes.”

Ian Rentsch

Coordinator, Prevention of Family and Domestic Violence Campaign, Lutheran Church of Australia

“The Lutheran Church of Australia and New Zealand has just launched its own Hidden Hurts/Healing Hearts campaign to challenge the scourge of domestic and family violence. We believe that SAFER, the online resource produced by Common Grace, will be a most helpful tool for our leaders and congregations as they seek to promote loving, respectful and safe relationships and communities.”

Rev Scott Holmes

Manager of Practice Development, Our Watch

“Congratulations to Common Grace on the development and release of your new resource, Safer. It is an important contribution to the area of understanding, responding to, and preventing family violence in the faith setting.”

Sheridan Voysey

Author and broadcaster

“Safer shines a light into the dark corners of our suburbs, churches and homes to reveal how prevalent domestic abuse is—in some cases, as close as the person sitting next to you on Sunday. Then, it hands us clear and practical help on supporting victims, holding perpetrators to account, and neutralising the corrosive cultures that allow such behaviours to breed. I hope Safer births sermons, seminars and conversations throughout the Australian church and beyond. Here are the resources we need to bring change.”

Hannah Craven

Assistant Curate, St Michaels North Carlton

“Christian leaders mean well and want to help, but the truth is many lack the knowledge and skills to respond helpfully to domestic abuse. Standard pastoral care or relationship advice will usually end up making things worse, and may even make a woman’s situation more dangerous. I am thrilled that SAFER will give

Christian pastors and leaders the information and resources they need to respond well to domestic violence in their churches and communities.

Christian leaders want to help, but unfortunately, without adequate information and training they can very easily do the wrong thing, and even make things worse.

SAFER is a thorough, well researched, clearly presented resource covering questions of theology, information about abuse, and best practice guidelines for how to respond and help women in dangerous situations.

Read it, share it, put it into practice!”

Bruce Chan

BaptistCare, Manager

“Thank you Common Grace for creating a resource that will start conversations within our church communities to ensure that Domestic and Family Violence is brought into the light in a respectful, supportive and safe way”

Rev Dr Karina Kreminski

Lecturer, Morling Theological College

“Often the church can be on the back foot in leading positive cultural change, however, in these times when we have an opportunity to truly shine in advocating for justice, Common Grace provides for us here a resource that will contribute to a turnaround in our society in regards to violence towards women. This is a moment for the church to be what it is meant to be. Thank you Common Grace.”

Graham Hill

Provost, Morling Theological College

“Domestic and family violence is one of the most urgent issues facing our churches and society today. Common Grace have put together a brilliant resource that will transform the church, resource leaders and congregations, and make women safer.”

Rev Simon Hansford

Moderator, Uniting Church NSW/ACT

“I have used several resources from Common Grace since its inception. The “Safer” material is a marvellous new initiative, which will have a creative and just impact on our churches and communities. Thank you.”

Viv Benjamin


“Thank you Common Grace for shining a light into the darkness of domestic violence. Every church should study the SAFER resource, and take action for safety and justice today. No more silence. It is time to end the abuse.”

Jon Owen

Pastor, The Wayside Chapel

“I cannot thank Common Grace enough for having the courage to lead us into territory that for far too long has been deemed out of bounds for discussion. This resource provides us with practical guidance to recognise, call out, support and prevent this from happening in our communities. If you are serious about interrupting injustice in your community then here is a map forward for you.”

Julian Dunham

Director, Arrow Leadership

“I was thrilled when I saw this release from Common Grace. Like many others, I’ve been heartbroken to hear the stories of women who’ve suffered violence at the hands of their partners. That this has occurred with such prevalence in the church only adds to our distress.

While discussion around cause and effect may go on for some time, there is no doubting that Christian leaders and churches need to be better equipped to appropriately respond to domestic violence in society generally, and in the church in particular. I commend these resources to lay-leaders and pastors everywhere and trust their application takes the fear and pain experienced by too many women and replaces it with hope the hope and freedom.”

Dr Steve Bevis

Minister, Alice Springs Uniting Church

“Domestic violence is a cruel betrayal of the trust we all hope for in our intimate human relationships. Churches should be places of safety and support where that betrayal can be honestly faced, and, with urgency and action, overcome. Our failure to be that place must be challenged and changed. The Common Grace DV resource, SAFER, helps us to make that change, to be better friends and family. I warmly recommend this resource to you and encourage churches not only to use it, but to put it at top of their agenda.”

Mark Conner

Speaker, Author, Coach, CityLife

“I am pleased to commend Common Grace’s new resource SAFER to you and your church. Family violence is something that must not be tolerated and we need tools to help us see all families become safer places for everyone. SAFER will make a terrific contribution towards that end. I highly recommend it.”

Father Chris Jackson

Priest and Juvenile Justice Chaplain, Newcastle Anglican Diocese

“Domestic violence is always wrong and it is everyone’s business. Common Grace is helping to end the culture of secrecy and helplessness by providing churches with an excellent resource to confront the sin and crime of family violence.”

Kylie Maddox Pidgeon

Registered Psychologist

SAFER links robust theology with industry best practice in working to prevent and respond to Domestic and Family Violence in our churches.

I commend this resource to every church leader; to be read as a whole, and to be referenced by topic as needed.

SAFER contains extraordinary insights into understanding perpetrator mindsets, providing for survivor needs, and how churches can best approach the complexities of DFV at every step.”