Quick escape (ESC)

Who is involved?

Content warning This page involves descriptions and discussion of the experiences and impacts of domestic and family violence. Some survivors might find its content troubling.

Bringing together Christians from many parts of the Australian church, we are a people of Common Grace, who seek to be more like Jesus. Read more about us here.

There are two groups involved in this campaign – the Common Grace Domestic & Family Violence Justice Team, and a number of campaign supporters who are experts in the fields of family violence, mental health, social policy and Christian ministry.

Our team and our key supporters are all strongly committed to making the problem of violence against women and children a critical concern of the Australian church.

The Common Grace Domestic & Family Violence Campaign

The vision Jesus offers is of a community where the vulnerable are protected, the oppressed are set free, the wounded are healed, and the powerful serve. This isn’t merely a vision, it’s a commission given to every church and every Christian.

That’s why Common Grace believes that the Church should be a haven from family violence, where victims are believed and perpetrators held accountable.A church should never be a place where a woman ever feels spiritually obliged to accept abuse.

"Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?" Luke 18:7

Our campaign has an ambitious goal: to see greater equality in all intimate relationships and a major drop in the numbers of people being abused and controlled in the home.

The Common Grace campaign launched in October 2015. So far we have run 16 DAYS of Prayer, published a number of blog posts, spoken at events, been featured in ABC news online here and hereABC Religion & Ethics, Sight Magazine, Eternity news here and here, and have partnered with other campaigns to advocate for policy reform.