Quick escape (ESC)

What is this resource?

Content warning This page involves descriptions and discussion of the experiences and impacts of domestic and family violence. Some survivors might find its content troubling.

SAFER is an online resource designed by Common Grace to help keep victims of domestic and family violence safe. SAFER gives clear outlines on what domestic and family violence looks like, and offers practical ways to help victims plan for safety, and help perpetrators face their personal responsibility for ending the abuse.

We understand that many people in Christian ministry – church pastors, leaders, and support staff – want to help those who are struggling. This resource builds on that desire and offers best practice approaches to supporting people affected by domestic and family violence.

By getting real about this issue and looking at what attitudes and practices act as deterrents for properly reporting and dealing with domestic and family violence, we believe that Australian churches can be safer places to seek healing from past violence.

SAFER is an evidence-based resource, created in close consultation with Australian frontline workers and experts in the fields of family violence, social work and mental health, as well as leaders in Christian ministry.