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Perpetrator interventions

There are a number of recognised services within Australia that assist perpetrators of domestic abuse to change their behaviour.

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Content warning This page involves descriptions and discussion of the experiences and impacts of domestic and family violence. Some survivors might find its content troubling.

National services

Men’s Helpline

Anonymous telephone counselling service for men (24 hours a day)

Phone: 1300 789 978
Web: www.mensline.org.au

Men's Referral Service (Vic, Tas and NSW)

Anonymous service for men Monday - Friday, 9am - 9pm

Phone: 1300 766 491
Web: www.ntvmrs.org.au

Relationships Australia

Support groups and specialist programs for abusive partners.

Phone: 1300 364 277
Web: www.relationships.com.au

State and territory services

More information on all perpetrator interventions and services around the country can be found in ANROWS State of knowledge paper.

Larger providers are mentioned below.

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South Australia


Western Australia


Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory